Torah Networking through Kollel Ohr Shmuel

“What pictures do you think Moshe Rabbeinu had on his wall as he was growing up in Paroh’s palace? Do you think he had a picture of Reb Boruch Ber? No! He had pictures of wild animals. No doubt he had a picture of a snake, a lion, or more likely a bear without the “Reb Boruch”!

In his inimitable way HoRav Yisroel Appelbaum the Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshiva in Lutzk shared with the bochurim of Rav Yisroel Goldblatt’s new mesivta how easy it is to underestimate our abilities. Taking the theme from Moshe Rabbeinu’s upbringing and describing his own personal journey before he started learning Gemoro at 17 years old, Rav Appelbaum encouraged and energized the bochurim to realize their own potential.

Last year Torah networking at Lutzk’s Kollel Ohr Shmuel led to the founding of the new Mesivta. The networking continued Chanukah time when the bochurim visited Rav Sorotzkin’s home for divrei chizuk. Last week they came to Lutzk to hear divrei Chizuk from Rav Appelbaum.

Twice a year Miami is the place to be for Healthcare and Real Estate networking but with so many Roshei Yeshiva, Magiddei Shiur and Rabbonim under one roof, every day at Lutzk’s Kollel Ohr Shmuel is the place to be for Torah networking!