Pesach Zman 5781

Our kollel, is currently learning Meseches Shevuos. The roshei chaburah are Rabbi Dovid Heinemann Shlit”a and Rabbi Chaim Greenes Shlit”a. The Chaburah is focused on learning miktzoos and mesechtos not typically learned in Yeshiva. There are daily shiurim and chaburos by the Rosh Yeshiva and avreichim.

Our Halachah Kollel led By the Rosh Chaburah Rabbi Yisroel Chaim Jankelewitz has moved on to “Hechsher Keilim” for this zman and has seen great progress. The kollel, now in it’s fourth year, has 30 avreichem learning sugyos and halacha lemaaseh. Many have already completed Hilchos Nidah, Taaruvos and Bassar Becholov over the course of the past 3 years.

The second seder chaburah is learning the sugyos of Hashovas Aveida. The Rosh chaburah is Rabbi Shloime Blech. There are weekly chaburos by Rabbi Shloime Blech, Rabbi Betzalel Katz and others. We are greatly honored to have Rabbi Yechiel Drillman, formerly a 10th grade rebbe at the Edison Yeshiva join the chaburah. Rabbi drillman gives a chaburah once a week and gives a vaad twice a month during first Seder.

For night seder we have one chaburah learning Mesechos Beitza at the rate of a blatt a week led by Rabbi Chaim Greenes who gives a chaburah once a week. And the other chaburah led by Rabbi Yisochor Hertzka is currently learning Meseches Bava Basra Perek Mi Shemeis

There are bochurim in Yeshiva ages 20 and up. Some that enjoy the benefit of a chavrusa in Yeshiva sometime throughout the day while working. The bochurim are under the Guidance of Rabbi Avrohom Weichbrod and Rabbi Nochum Barkin are learning at different times throughout the day each one how he sees fit. Rabbi Moshe Aron Sonnensohn, Rabbi Zevi Mandel, Rabbi Yosef Trocki and Rabbi Chaim Goldblatt are in charge of helping them be kovea ittim l’torah, setting them up with chavrusos and helping them with anything they may need b’ruchniyos and b’gashmiyos.

There are two Daf Hayomi shiurim every morning by Rabbi Yosef Trocki and Rabbi Shimon Mandel.

The Shachris minyan is more packed than ever as more and more bochurim and yungerleit get attracted to the minyan with every passing zman.