Accomplishing and Belonging

An inside look at our Halacha Kollel

I have been to all the Kollelim in Lakewood” says Kollel Halocho Member R’ Yossel Roberts. “I have been in them and I learned with them and what we have here in Bais Medrash L’Torah is unique.”

We are located only blocks away from Bais Medrash Govoha and yet the sense of belonging in our Kollel is similar to what you can get out-of-town or in Eretz Yisroel. The achdus in the kollel is so strong that our wives are regularly in contact with each other. “

“As for what we are able to achieve, Boruch Hashem, learning with Rabbi Jankelowitz, my second seder Chavrusa commented recently on how much ground I am able to cover and it’s all from what we are able to do first seder here in the Kollel. When I look back at how much we have covered since I joined four years ago we have learned large chalokim of Daled Chelkei Shulchan Aruch and we also learn the halochos of every Yom Tov as it approaches and I have a real sense of accomplishment.”

The other kollelim here and the Mesivta are also a very big plus – they make us feel that we are part of something even bigger. To me, the smile you see on everyone’s face when they come in every morning is the best sign of how fortunate we are to be a part of such a special kollel.